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What can I do about all the online pirates?

Why isn't somebody doing something to stop this?

The short answer is that there is no way to stop it. If a person can view something in the browser, then it's possible to download it onto the computer's hard drive. It's not worthwhile debating the point further. There are plenty of providers of digital information products. If it were possible, much less easy, then somebody would have already come up with a way to defeat it.

What's the deal with (Udemy) affiliates?

Note: None of the links in this article is an affiliate link.

The "Affiliate Gripe"

It's a pretty common occurrence to read posts in the Udemy Studio and Udemy Faculty lounge from people asking why a sale made through their own coupon code earned them only 25%. The person believes that it was "their" coupon code and "their" student and it's unfair for an affiliate to "steal" so much of "their" money. Some instructors go so far as telling students to clear their browsers before they click on links in a promotional announcement.